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EEEP!! You've Just got engaged, Now what?

Planning the best day ever!


You just totally got engaged to the man of your dreams!

I know your feels! Your on cloud nine and it’s so exciting but it’s overwhelming all at once trying to process what just happend.

Your instagram & WhatsApp starts flaring up but the one thing that comes to mind is, Where do I even start planning? Don’t worry, enjoy the moment, I got you!

1. Heart of your wedding- Have a date night with “hubby to be” and decide on the heart of your wedding - how do you want to feel, how do you want to make your guests feel and how would you like to remember this special day.

2. Set a budget - It’s always a good idea to have a clear vision of what you are prepared to spend. It helps you plan on where you want to save & where you want to splurge (an excel spread sheet on Google drive worked for us) - I referenced the bruidgids wedding guide & spoke to friends to find out cost guesstimates.

3. Guest list - as you might have heard this is a tricky one. Stay true to your heart & remember they are there a witnesses. Invite the people who speak life into your relationship & who cheers you on during the good and the bad.

4. The Venue hunting starts - After locking down a venue, you will now have a Wedding date! YAY!! Celebrating is in order.

Now the colouring starts. Ask your venue if the have a list of service providers the work with regularly. This makes the planning a little easier if you don’t know where to start.

5. Time to start enquiring & Booking vendors - The first vendor I booked was the photographer & videographer, the florist/decór followed as well as the make-up artist, caterer & DJ.

You almost have a dream day planned.

6. What am I going to wear?? Time to find your dream dress! Whether you are having it made or buying a dress, Do You! There are no rules.

7. The rest will fall into place as you go along. Planning a wedding has it ups and downs and that is okay!!!

Your wedding day will be worth it & it’s going to be THE BEST DAY EVER!!!

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