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Hi, I am Megan Ray, recently married to my best friend, adventure buddy & varsity sweet heart. I am one of four siblings & when I'm not behind the camera I like to spend quality time with my husband, family and friends. Originally I'm from Pretoria but I've been living in the winelands for more than 12 years. With all the vineyards on our door stop we also love to explore the farms and enjoy wine tastings, the views & the food.  I am also a sucker for reality tv & the whole chicago series (PD, Fire & Med, you name it), if you're the fly on my wall you will hear it play in the background whilst editing your beautiful story. 


Now you probably wonder where my love & passion for photography came from?  From a young age I was always the girl with the camera (my parents bought me my first  Pink sony "mik en druk" camera for Christmas when I was 12 years young), back then sepia was still a thing & Pic Monkey the go to editor for my photos..... Thankfully not anymore...Since then story telling grew into so much more than selfies, photographing friends & basically anything and everything that crossed the lens. Movement, the way light shines through the cracks, human connection & story telling became like little seeds, growing and inspiring my heart. The joy of the Lord is my strength and I really want you to experience true joy , human connection & fun on your wedding day, at your session and simply through the whole photography process. 

FUN FACTS, you may or may not know....

I got married to my best friend on the 24th of September 2022 and we had a piñata for our wedding cake - Besides sealing a covenant and choosing forever with my partner in crime, that was one of my highlights of the day! It was the most perfect day. We got married in the West Coast on the misty beach of a Lambertsbay, Will do it all over again!


When I was younger I won an ice cream eating competition whilst on vacation in Umhangla, Durban - Brain freeze was real, but one of my fav memories as a child. 

Ice Cream Flavors

I stop time for a little while with my camera, what is your super power? But seriously if I could have a super power, I would love to stop time!  Time is the the best gift you can give someone and seen as one off the most prized possessions. *Thank you for taking time to seek me out!


I simply don't cook without chilli flakes, origanum and Olive oil. Although my husband is the actual master chef in the house. 



I would love to get to know you!

Megan Ray

Wedding, Lifestyle & Branding Photographer

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