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HI, lovely to meet you.


I am Megan Ray, a lifestyle, event, and studio photographer based in Somerset West, Western Cape.  My heart is on fire and radiates with passion for anything creative, that being said: Welcome to my creative sanctuary.

My passion for people, laughter, raw emotion, and magical light equip me to be the ideal visual storyteller for any occasion. Visual story telling always seemed to find its way to me, be it birthday cards, photos, or mood boards and so my camera became my ultimate companion.  

I truly enjoy telling your story through my lens by mindfully connecting with you and making you feel comfortable, valued, and loved. My lens is used to stop time for a little while to relive that blissful MOMENT, that special FEELING and to give you a KEEPSAKE for life.  My ultimate goal is to bestow hope in your heart and have you experience real joy during your session.

I would like to extend an invitation to you and have me capture your raw moments in a flash. Let’s create some magical keepsakes.

All my love,

Megan Ray

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